Significance of wearing Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is not a mere piece of jewelry, it symbolizes the love, bond, and emotional connection between two souls. It carries a lot of cultural values, sentiments, and emotions. Mangalsutra is a combination of the Sanskrit words Mangal meaning holy and Sutra meaning sacred thread. It is very symbolic and rooted in religious and spiritual beliefs. In Hindu weddings, when the groom ties the mangalsutra, it represents "until death do us part". And from that moment onwards, bride is expected to wear this ornament for the rest of her life.

The importance of the Mangalsutra in Hindu tradition is very interesting. Although this tradition originated in South India, it has also been incorporated into all Indian weddings. Mangalsutra has various names in South India. The most common name by which Mangalsutra is known is thali or tilmangarium, which consists of long yellow threads and pendants.


There are a lot of modern women who ask about the significance of wearing a mangalsutra. Here are a few interesting facts: -  

Mangala is also the name of the planet Mars, whose color is red, the same as the auspicious garment color worn by brides on their wedding day. That’s why there is a coral gem- “manga” added in the mangalsutra that is sacred to Mars. 

The Mangalsutra chain is made of black beads which repel the evil eye, bring consistency of understanding between couple and provide them strength to strive together to achieve the desired goals in life. The two strings of black beads in the mangalsutra are representations of Lord Shiva and Goddesses Parvati. Conventionally, the mangalsutra has seven distinct sections having nine black beads in each section, representing the seven chakras of the body. The ideal chain length is supposed to be 24-30 inches long enough to reach the bride’s Anahat Chakra, meaning Heart Chakra located near the heart. Anahat Chakra is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity.

Sometimes you may see small gold cup-like pendants specifically in a Maharashtrian style mangalsutra which are known as vatis. Mangalsutra can either have one single vati or two vatis. Maharashtrians prefer two vatis that help in the dissolution of a woman’s negative emotions. The vati is believed to transmit positive vibrations. Two spherical gold beads that are placed between the vatis are believed to maximize the positive vibration. A flower pattern at the top of each vati is for attracting positivity.

Apart from all these facts, it is believed that some health benefits add to the significance of Managalsutra. It helps to regulate blood pressure and blood flow. Transmitting positive vibrations helps to remain fresh. Also, helps to build a good immune system.




While the cultural importance of Mangalsutras hasn’t diminished even by a dime, the make and design for this ornament have certainly evolved to cater to the needs of working women. To keep up with the fashion trends, jewelers have updated Mangalsutra designs as well. This is jewelry that Indian women have to wear every day, so it should align with their modern outfits. The new stylish Mangalsutras are just perfect to bridge the gap between being a traditional and trendsetting ornament. 

With the increasing number of working women these days, simple designs that combine lightness and elegance suitable for everyday use are preferred. Floral prints are most popular among modern brides. Some people like to personalize their Mangalsutras by having zodiac signs on their pendants. PALMONAS has all the latest mangalsutra designs that are minimalist and will be your style statement! 



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