Lifetime Buy-Back Policy

Lifetime Buy-Back Policy:

We offer Lifetime Buy Back on all purchases* made from Palmonas within India. You may avail Lifetime Exchange & Buy Back by presenting your purchase at a store or raising a request online. The exchange/buy back value will be calculated as follows:

If the buyback request is raised in 0 to 6 months of purchase, 50% of the purchase value will be deposited into your Palmonas account. If the request is raised between 6 months to 12 months from the date of purchase, 25% of the amount will be deposited in your Palmonas account. For the requests raised after 12 months  from the date of purchase, 15% of the amount will be deposited in your Palmonas account.

The product needs to be self-shipped to Palmonas office in Pune or can be handed over in Palmonas physical store.

For Sterling silver hallmarked jewellery, if the hallmark certificate is missing, then a standard deduction of 200 will be applicable per certificate. 

If you choose to avail Lifetime Buy Back on your purchase, the final buy-back value will be loaded as Palmonas Cash in your Palmonas account after Quality Check (QC). The Palmonas Cash will remain valid for 365 days and can be used to purchase anything with us online or in store.