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18k gold plated Earring

The collection in PALMONAS is exclusive and timeless with exquisite piece of ornaments to wear daily at workplace and in normal life. Lifestyle and jewelry go hand in hand. Glamour is the focus of jewelry! The addition of gold and diamonds to an outfit not only increases its value but also conveys respect for the wearer. Each gemstone's allow unique brilliance and grandeur to shine, resulting in three-dimensional jewels that catch light from all angles.

There are different types of earrings and each one of them are mentioned below. A minimalist earring style that includes a focal point attached to a post. A single stud might be a metal or adorned with a small gemstone or a diamond or a pearl. Stud earrings slit snuggly on the top of the earlobe. These earrings are very comfortable to wear and goes well and looks stylish with any outfit.

Drop Earrings, a simple but an elegant look to your outfit. This creates or ignites an initial spark of cuteness at the first sight. The earrings sit slightly below the lobe, but the jewelry remains motionless. Even if it moves, the movement is limited, and it only comes out straight from the root. Additionally, the hangers used for teardrop earrings usually have an "O-ring" attached for the teardrop pieces. Pins or rivets are usually used to secure the earrings. Earrings can also be all in one piece with hook clasps. The hook clasp can also act as a hanger and hold your jewelry.

Women prefer those earrings which has its own comfort. Heavy earrings can cause a big depression on the earlobe and hole which causes pain and irritation. Drop earrings usually cause little or no effect since they are usually light-weighted. These earrings go well for formal parties and serious occasion shows their sophistication.

Dangle Earrings are raveled type of earrings which swings to and fro and side to side. These dangle earrings can be drop earrings the vice versa is not true. The length varies from brand to brand. Some are short, some are long, and even graze over the shoulder. It might be a single chain that falls from a hook and holds an ornament, usually a gemstone or pearl. In another style, the hook can branch into different layers of equal or unequal length. Dangle earrings are perfect if you are going out with friends on a night out or party or clubbing. Long dangle earrings show a sense of excitement.

Hoop earrings are really trendy now. They are timeless and genderless. It spans cultures and ages. The idea of the hoop is infinite like time. The circle is the ultimate symbol of life, which has no beginning or end. Clearly, hoop earrings are symbols of power with purpose and meaning. The things in nature that give us life are cyclical.
The sun, the earth and the womb. As society looks back on this century's style, it's interesting to see tomorrow's icons wearing hoop earrings. Athletes, politicians, musicians, philanthropists? Is the person even a woman? Either way, we can almost guarantee that future generations will determine the need for this jewelry wardrobe essential.

Huggie hoops are really cute looking hoops which are also called as “clicker hoops” are just perfect for the cartilage earrings. If worn alone as a part of a stack it looks great, filled with simplicity and sophistication. This earring also serves as a child’s first pair of huggie hoops since these are effortless and is not at all overbearing and has become a go-to pair for everyday look. These are of many types like post back, hinge backs, lever backs and shepherd hook backs.