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Online and Offline Jewellery Store has been in business since 2022 as the first demi-fine jewellery brand in India. We design all our original and eye-catching products in-house at our Pune-based headquarters, PALMONAS, and we now ship to over 200 countries. If you’re in Pune, come say hello! Our store is located at Lane 5, Koregaon Park. We choose fashionable designs with high-quality craftsmanship that can be worn every day. Our demi-fine styles are the pinnacle of self-expression because they were made to be stacked.

Shopping at Palmonas

Placing security first, Palmonas ensures that every transaction made on the site is safe and smooth for the customers. To attain this, the company follows stern policies of transparency throughout the whole customer buying journey. For further convenience, all Palmoas’ products are backed with a lifetime buyback policy against tarnish on any jewellery bought from us. All the jewellery products are 100% safe to wear in water. Palmonas provides the exquisite craftsmanship of exclusive jewellery designs such as rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, chains, bracelets, mangalsutra, and men’s collections.

Palmonas’ Vision

To be the Number 1 Demi-Fine Jewelry Brand for Modern Women. With early signs of success, Palmonas is ready to reach new heights in the jewellery industry. Palmonas is on the verge of ascending to new heights within the jewellery realm. Our commitment to crafting exquisite Demi-Fine pieces reflects a dedication to elegance, sophistication, and individuality. Embracing innovation and contemporary design, Palmonas aims to redefine the jewellery experience, empowering women to adorn themselves with confidence and grace. Join us on this remarkable journey as we set the stage to become the unrivalled choice for discerning, modern women.