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Many of our newlywed brides and married Indian ladies like tinkering with the Managalsutra on a regular basis. Particularly now that minimalist and elegant designer jewellery has entered the market. Various Indian businesses have created styles and finishes that appeal to today's women. Palmonas' website features a variety of brands, allowing you to pick and choose the Mangalsutra of your dreams. Wear a gorgeous Mangalsutra from Palmonas' collection to honour your relationship with your husband.

Palmonas has a large selection of beaded chain patterns, including types with pearls and rhinestone decorations.

  1. ARTIFICIAL STONES: You can enjoy the beauty of natural stones without having to spend a fortune. Pendants made of exotic artificial stones that resemble emeralds, rubies, American diamonds (AD), Kundan-Polki, and other gemstones are available in the marketplace.
  2. ARTIFICIAL BEADS: The artificial, beaded pattern might be perfect for everyday use because the beads will not break upon impact. You might look into designs that use beads or a huge pendant.
  3. ARTIFICIAL STONES AND BEADS: Take a look at these Mangalsutra designs that include both artificial stones and beads. These patterns are a little heavier and have a lot of strands, so they're perfect for traditional events and celebrations.
  4. CRYSTALS: With Myntra, you may find the right set of bedazzled diamonds incorporated in Mangalsutra pendants.
  5. PEARLS: Choose designs with pearl accents if you want a non-controversial and timeless look.

The following are some styling suggestions for the pieces:

  1. Wear pearl-embellished motifs on a classic salwar kameez or cotton saree to provide an air of grandeur. To match your everyday clothes, choose designs with a pearl-studded centrepiece.
  1. At the moment, dainty designs incorporating American diamonds into one-of-a-kind pendants are all the rage. Wear one of these simple short-length necklaces and matching earrings to work with your ethnic and formal attire.
  1. Get ready for a wedding by wearing a hefty Banarasi saree with a long-chained design. To finish the ensemble, add matching earrings, a nose pin, and bangles.
  1. You may create ethnic as well as office-appropriate styles with our gold-plated Mangalsutra designs. Designs that match nicely with Kanjivaram sarees and button-up shirts are available. To finish the appearance, add stackable rings and a chain-link wristwatch.

Using the Palmonas online shopping app, you can easily browse through our extensive assortment of Mangalsutras. Make sure to have a look at the rest of our beautiful jewellery in our online store.

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