What is Demi fine jewellery?

It is in between fine (pure gold and diamonds) and imitation (brass) jewellery.

Fine jewellery stays the same for years while imitation is tarnished in a few uses. Demi fine jewellery is made of sterling silver and premium alloys as the base metal.

We quote it with a high plating technology.

Hence, this jewellery is totally tarnish-proof.


Will the jewellery tarnish?

The jewellery will not tarnish if you use it properly and follow the care instructions. 


Is it pure silver?

Yes, the purity is 92.5, the maximum possible purity that can be attained while making silver ornaments.

What kind of stones do you use? Are they genuine precious stones?

It varies from product to product. Most gemstone products have natural semi-precious stones, but you can go through the description of the product to verify the quality of the stones used in that specific product. We also use synthetic gemstones in various colours.

Wherever a synthetic stone is used, it is clearly mentioned in the product description. Please read the product description for all details. I q on the product, you may contact our customer service team.

How long does gold-plating on the Jewellery last?

The brightness of the gold finish on gold plated j depends on a number of factors like usage, weather conditions (humid weather dulls gold finish faster) and appropriate storage.

  1. We provide up to 1 guarantee for the gold plating on the jewellery.
  2. We advise you to use gold-dipped pieces occasionally and completely dry them of sweat /moisture along with storage in air-tight plastic covers.
  3. We gold plate our jewellery with 18-carat gold which gives it a real gold look.
  4. We do not use lacquer or other harmful chemicals.