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Modern Mangalsutra designs for everyday!

Mangalsutra is claimed to be a sacred element to everyday life as an emotional significance and commitment. It is a statement jewelry for married women.  As our brand name is self-explanatory “Luxury for everyday”, we are leaning towards comfortable and sophisticated collection for mangalsutra.  It is being the most important ornament of an Indian women’s accessories and she is expected to wear every day, which beget us to make elegant and minimalist mangalsutra for everyday life.

Mangalsutra is a symbol of vows and must not be taken lightly but keeping the fashion trends, we have come up with exotic collection of gorgeous and luxuries mangalsutra for everyday life. Over the time, numerous stylistic improvements have been made to represent the devotion and this ornament has reinvented itself to go above the graph to reach its perfection over the years.

Design & Styling:

Younger generation now prefer more petite, minimalistic and stylish mangalsutra. The designs are preferred are more idiosyncratic now. Palmonas’ mangalsutra are all latest designs with small sparkling diamond pendant strung on simple chain plated in 18k gold, or exquisite 18k rose gold. It is basically designed very scrupulously!

Solitaire Mangalsutra is a tick mark for effortless contemporary wear. It marks a visual and status with an elegant touch to it. It outlines the ornament's dedication and luxury. Short modern mangalsutra has come into trends which makes it way too comfortable for wearing it on a daily basis. Minimalist style and traditional values are preserved with our fancy designs.

If you want to style the mangalsutra as a versatile accessory and in a way so that it is not evident, you can place the mangalsutra with other neckpiece to create a maximum impact. PALMONAS' short mangalsutra are perfect for that fashion trend. The other way of styling can be with statement earrings. This can take the style quotient to a next level all together. This also keeps a sober and subtle touch of fashion for everyday use.

Fashion and comfort together have paved a long way seeking greater versatility and nowadays we can drape the mangalsutra around the wrist which will look like a bracelet looped around which goes pretty well with the Indian and contemporary styles.

Since choker are demanding style in nowadays, mangalsutra can also be worn as a choker to minimalize the fashion to an extent without even wearing any earrings. You can wear it as choker with deep V-necklines or crop tops to give it an edgy look.

What PALMONAS offers in Mangalsutra collection: -

Lightweight and daily-wear.

BIS hallmarked.

1 year warranty.

Short, trending and shimmering.

Combination of tradition and modern style.