KARAGIRI’s founder PALLAVI is now creating jewelry which is replacing real GOLD!

After curating a successful D2C saree brand named “ KARAGIRI ” and selling a million sarees, Pallavi strives to move another step ahead towards creating a new venture in the jewellery industry. She introduces a new dimension into the Indian jewellery industry with an innovative jewellery offering, most likely named as “Demi fine Jewellery”

 Palmonas | Founder | Pallavi Mohadikar |


What is “ Demi Fine Jewelry” ? 

Demi fine jewellery lies in between cheap imitation jewellery and expensive gold jewellery. Palmonas, works with inert and skin safe metals and plate them with 2.5 micron layer of 18 carat gold. This process is called vermeil plating. This creates jewellery which exactly looks like gold, feels like gold and also stays gold for a long period of time.

This jewellery is the perfect medium of investment for the daily wear segment. For working professionals, where they like to style their everyday outfits with accessories in order to elevate their everyday look. This minimalistic jewellery gives a premium and expensive look. Along with being classic, it is absolutely pocket friendly and totally worth the investment. Instagram!



The high repeat purchase rate paired with 2500+ five star reviews speak volumes about the quality and aesthetics of the jewellery. Several A list celebrities like Ananya Pandey, Deepika Padukone, Aditi Rao Hydari, Sanjana Sanghi and many more are seen wearing and tagging PALMONAS on their Instagram!



 With excessively rising gold prices every coming day,  Palmona’s Demi fine jewellery steals the show! Replace your gold jewellery purchase this Dussehra. Enjoy the premium finish of fine jewellery at a fraction of the price and enjoy wearing the jewellery everyday instead of just storing it in a locker!



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Mangalsutra brings in the virtue of traditional and modern jewellery altogether. It holds immense importance when it comes to devoting the importance of a married couple. When mangalsutra is put into continuous scrutiny as it is made up of pure gold and associated with sacred bonds of marriage and commitment. 

However when it comes to adhering to it on a daily basis, it is quite a hassle as it does not align with the professional attire for corporate setting. Thus to make it an accessible accessory. We at Palmonas bring to you, the minimalist and elegant designs that align with the modern aesthetic enhancements making it a part of every day wear for the modern women of today. 




Apart from Mangalsutra, another form of jewellery that could be worn by women as a statement piece comes under the name of “Necklace”. It comes in various forms, be it heavily studded as well as a simplistic form of jewellery. 

Here, at Palmonas, we aim to bring you the simple and unique forms of necklaces involving pendants at bottom, and a few studs that prominently highlight the neck . Another form of necklace offered are chain necklaces. As the name suggests, it is designed in a chain form. This type of necklace offers a strong statement point and elevates the overall look of the attire.

Another type of necklace offered at Palmonas, comes with a bigger pendant that changes the trajectory of typical necklaces while bringing in a dash of style paired with sophistication. We offer them in various forms like gold and silver too and many other varieties of pendants for the modern women to choose from.




Since ancient times, a bracelet is a type of jewellery that is worn on the wrist. Wrist being the smallest part of a woman's hands rings in a lot of glitz and glamour with just a single piece of jewellery. 

Back in the day it consisted of wood, beads, stones and other strips of bone, typically worn by our ancestors. Looking at the bracelets from modern aspects of today, Palmonas offers you graceful  and stylish options in several different varieties. These designs are minimalist and out of the box designs that aren't usually found when looked into gold jewellery. Thereby, 18 carat jewellery hits the edge rounding audience for women with captivating and aesthetic designs. 






Ever since the Egyptian times to the modern era we live in today, rings have been the easiest form of jewellery for both women and men. This form of jewellery , brings in the potion of equality as it instils cultural and societal norms that minimise the misunderstanding and bring instances of communal equality. 

Rings are a circular form of band worn around any of our fingers, and could be made of gold, silver or any other metal. These are not only worn on fingers but also on toes, nose as well the ears. 

The circular structure can be styled in various ways, with respect to its width, length, texture, pattern and embedded with stones including birthstones. At Palmonas, we offer all kinds of rings from gold plated to silver and many peculiar designs that at every penny are worth the purchase to enhance everyday looks in an unique way.




Mens rings

With an intrinsic variety in women's rings, Palmonas also brings in its range in the men's collection. Rings in men have come under high-demand apart from just the engagement rings during the wedding season. Now, men find it equally fascinating to flaunt rings on a regular basis. 

To offer a wide range of rings, especially for men, Palmonas has a different section that brings in modern rings to enhance casual as well as formal look effectively. From metallic to magnetic, this collection offers various styles that suit man masculine style. Rings for men can be the ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions as well.



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