Jewelry layering style for winter season!

For all the trendy women out there, the winter season can be a challenging crossroads! But now is the time of year for declarations. Winters restrict your options for attire and make you want to give up on jewelry and accessories. But now is the time to bring out your individuality in the naturally bright PALMONAS jewelry and shine to reveal the glitz within. Jewelry can often appear unworkable with all the layers of coats, scarves, hats, sweaters, and coats. We believe otherwise, though, winter might be a good time to step up your fashion game! PALMONAS explains the layering style for the winter and how to look stylish and stay warm this season. Stacking jewelry is best for those who are excited about the snow and cozy sweaters all set with the holiday spirit.

Jewelry is a very personal choice, just like art. The fun of being an individual with your sense of style and taste is that not everyone agrees on what is deemed beautiful, stylish, or appropriate. Whether you want to follow jewelry industry trends or not, you can be sure that they at least have an impact on the types of jewelry that the majority of people find attractive at any particular time. We believe it is worthwhile to keep an eye on them while also being mindful of your character and sense of style. When it comes to your wardrobe and jewelry collection, it's always a good idea to seek out fresh ideas and inspiration. If you're looking to go with a current trend but with a little more sophistication and incorporate your unique sense of style, then gemstone jewelry will be a great choice. The extensively beautiful Black charm two layers Necklace can be an all-time favorite for everyday wear since it is too classy to wear and show the ultimate sophistication. To go a little simple and to show a little affection towards nature you can anytime go with the Pearl Ocean Necklace which looks stunning on turtleneck top and serve your minimal style.



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When it's cold outside, and you are wearing a turtleneck top you can accessories with short pearl necklaces or chain stacking, dangling earrings, or bar bracelets while the rest of you is dressed warmly for the season. Do pearls ever go out of style? The quick response is "NO". If you were dubious about pearls in this day and age, they are undoubtedly having a moment. Pearls are a classic addition to your jewelry collection. Pearls are extremely fashionable right now, combining both trendy and traditional looks as well as numerous modern takes on vintage pearl jewelry. For your winter wardrobe pearls can add some lightness and shine to monochrome outfits. They'll pair beautifully with woolen or pashmina and you can find beautiful pashminas in PALMONAS accessories collection. On the topic of natural elements such as pearls, another big trend we can expect to see in 2023 is the incorporation of natural elements into jewelry pieces.

When the weather is extremely cold, you’re bundled up in a coat, scarf, hat, and gloves. This means that your neck, wrist, and fingers are all obscured from view. In other words, none of your jewelry is visible. No matter how gorgeous your coat is, it’s important to accessorize with jewelry to differentiate between your outfits. The best way to do that is with earrings. Unlike the rest of your body, your ears are still visible when you’re wrapped up. The type of earrings you choose to wear will depend on whether or not you are wearing a scarf. If you’re wearing a scarf, it’s best to stick with stud earrings, like Delicate Stud Earring or Classic Pearl Stud Earring which are perfect to wear with scarves because they won’t clash. You can also go for the Circle Serendipity Stud Earring which will be a classic earring to wear for everyday office wear. If you’re not wearing a scarf, feel free to experiment with earrings that dangle or drop.

The best option you got for winter fashion with those heavy coats and scarves is layering. 18k gold plated jewelry that shine on your monochromatic outfit or 18k rose gold plated having pink hue to compliment your rosy cheeks in winter Stacking up your necklaces, rings or bracelets is the way to flaunt your jewelry that cannot hide under your winter layers. So, cozy up with sterling silver layers!


Balance is the key to designing a well-balanced necklace stack. The most important thing to remember when it comes to balancing your necklaces is to make sure the pieces you pick to pair together have slightly varying lengths—but not too much of a difference. The ability to express yourself creatively through fashion is its best feature. The delight of coloring outside the lines is limitless. Our jewelry designer is very knowledgeable about layering; hence we want to share some tips so that you can master this art too. These combinations give you the freedom to experiment and the courage to dress as you choose.


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Your artistic skills are the ideal tool for styling the base of an excellent stacked necklace design. If you're wearing a button-down shrug, you can wear your necklace over it and beneath the collar. Alternatively, you can cover a Polo neck t-shirt with your layers for a plunging neckline that looks more modest. You don't want your jewelry to get lost in the mix while working with multiple layers. To make them stand out, you might start by stacking three different styles. Depending on personal preference, a choker may become dependent. Next comes the second layer, which is generally longer and holds a pendant. The third, longer and heavier, can then be done after that.

Start with the layer next to your collarbone and work your way down, starting at the top. The number of layers that can be added varies on the person. For enough room, each necklace will have its own start time. Your necklace design may be more aesthetically appealing if you pile them in a cascading pattern. When additional pendants of varying shapes are added, the layering of the necklace begins to interact. To get around this, a pendant can be worn on top of a chain necklace. And this can be a great way to freshen up a pendant necklace you've had for a while.

A vibrant pendant necklace or chain might add the pop of color you're after if your outfit has a neutral or monochromatic aesthetic. It is advised to concentrate on the shorter chain when deciding where the color should go in the stack because it is the one that is closer to your face and can therefore highlight some of your features. They will both look very stunning when put together. They will draw attention to your neckline, giving it a striking and sophisticated appearance. PALMONAS is an absolute steal for such exquisite pieces at such a reasonable price.

This multi-layered necklace is a simple and sleek layered chain that is going to give a lot of dimensions to your outfit and your look as well and this styling will make the entire neckpiece look properly layered. A visual multi-stone collar necklace will be a perfect piece if you have a lot of monochrome outfits. It will give the proper pinch of color and elegance to your outfit making it look unique and gorgeous. Styling both of these pieces together is a really easy task as the collar necklace provides color and dimension to the outfit. Whereas the multi-chain necklace looks simple and sleek giving beautiful layers to your outfit. It will look extremely gorgeous on a v-neckline.




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PALMONAS love nothing more than a statement wrist that tells your personal story. That's why we always encourage our customers to get creative with the way they style their bracelets. Bracelets can showcase who you are. When you go through our bracelet collection, you will find everything from simple butterfly bracelets to our new paper clip bracelets. These are delicate and bold alike, as they are 18k gold plated, 18k rose gold plated, or a variety of other beautiful finishes, every bracelet can fit into your curated layered approach.

Depending on your outfit, bracelets with complementary or contrasting colors can pump up the volume. Incorporate striking cuff bracelet with ring either together or as an accent between metallic hues. If you like dressing in neutral tones, use stacked bracelets to make your color statement or incorporate a mix of metallic for a more classic look. All these classic combinations build a wrist that tells a story of an individual and gives an extra special touch.



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The objective is to achieve equilibrium, not draw unneeded attention. Use a different style of thin bands if you want to keep it simple and elegant. Together, our tiny, delicate, and lovely rings create a minimalist set, and these rings are currently running a dainty show. They can be spread across a few fingers or all of your fingers by layering them together. Every finger can wear delicate stacking rings, and yours will stand out tastefully. On a single finger, merely stack one daily tranquility ring on top of one minimalist ring. On a different finger, add two more simple rings for the greatest "wow impact." The key is to show some flesh while flashing some elegantly combined rings. These looks are very unique, delicate, and chic; they are a total statement maker.

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