Make your Valentine's even more Special ūüíĖ

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the love birds are in rush to plan a perfect gift. 14th February is the day of love across the world, it is not restricted to one area or any community. It is true what they say, Love has no boundaries! Similarly this celebration is not limited to just a couple, it is for everyone. This valentine, celebrate all the relationships that are bonded with love! So, if you are with your loved ones or away from them due to work or any other reasons, the celebration should go on. Telling them how much you love them is important. As a jewelry brand, PALMONAS wants to celebrate this season of love with you, because we want you to capture your love forever.

Valentine's day is the official reference to romance. It became common for friends and lovers to exchange small gifts and handwritten notes in Great Britain and later on it became famous all over the world. People started gifting their loved ones presents. As I mentioned earlier, valentine is not only for lovers, you can definitely gift something special to your loved ones, like your mother, father, sister, and friends since they are your loved ones as well. Nowadays you prefer to gift your partner something special, unique, and one which they can definitely use every day. If you really haven’t gifted anyone till now, PALMONAS' there to help you with the gift ideas and you would definitely surprise the person you want to gift. We have curated a new collection that can be gifted to your loved ones and they can wear this exclusively on special occasions like the Brilliant cut diamond royalty necklace which has a beautiful design that looks royal, and elegant and can be stated as a piece of statement jewelry. They can definitely wear this necklace on any special occasion like someone’s close wedding or some special occasion which they can’t miss at all.

Sure, you must be planning a romantic gateway or a romantic dinner date or maybe something more, but what about the gift? A perfect gift that reminds them of you every day is what you need. Roses and chocolates are all fine but they don’t last long, you need a timeless gift for your timeless bond. It is not a one-day but a week of celebration. You express your love for 8 days with different thoughts and elements. We have come up with the list of gifts exactly what you are looking for, let's take a look. 

Rose Day-¬†Cherry flower necklace says ‚ÄúThis is my rose day gift‚ÄĚ.


Cherry flower necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

No gift says ‚ÄúI love you‚ÄĚ like roses and we have a diamond rose for you. Express your words with a cherry flower necklace that has the symbol of love, a pink rose. While red roses, is the color expresses and emphasizes beauty and love, are traditionally exchanged by couples and people who wish to express their feelings toward one another. We have a different idea for you, you can express your love with a pink & golden color that will sparkle your love bond forever. She can wear this every day that reminds her how precious she is to you.¬†

Propose Day- Beyond infinity couple rings "promise an eternity of love".



Couple rings | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


Okay, so you may not be able to pull off anything extravagant but surely you can swing with your love. Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift you can give is the gift of proposing your love. Maybe some of you could not arrange anything special the first time, maybe some of you want to express it again by saying how you fall in love with them every day, or maybe some are planning to do this for the first time. Beyond infinity couple rings says everything you are trying to express no matter what the occasion. It will cherish your infinite love for infinite time! It has an eye-catching sparkling diamond that sparkles more with your love.

Chocolate Day- Love pendant necklace is a healthy alternative for chocolates.



Heart necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


Valentine’s Day is traditionally a way to celebrate the romance in your life, but it’s also a good way to remind them how much you care for them. Chocolates are surely a great way to express your feelings but your most special deserves something extra special. So, here is our Love pendant necklace that says how much you care for them, and instead of giving chocolate you are giving them a healthy surprise gift. Necklace crafted in Iconic symbol of love is the perfect expression of your emotions.

Teddy Day- Smiley face hoop earrings says "keep smiling".



Smiley face hoop earrings | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


What’s a teddy day without a warm stuffed toy to snuggle with? The cute element of the teddy will surely put a smile on their face but they cannot keep it with them all the time. These smiley hoop earrings contain the exact same cute element as a teddy and they are an adorably designed jewelry for every day wear. It perfectly sends your message of "Keep smiling, you are the most beautiful"!

Promise Day- I promise, the bracelet "promises your love to them".



I promise bracelet | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas



The I promise bracelet will capture your promise forever and work as a reminder charm. The bracelet is 18k Gold plated and the bar of the bracelet gives a different look altogether. This bracelet is engraved with "I promise and a heart symbol" that is like a statement bracelet and can be worn daily. Inside the bracelet, it is again engraved with "I will always love you", now what else do you need to make your unbreakable promise? You can gift this to yourself too and promise to cherish yourself!

Hug Day- Hug ring says "I love you to the moon and back".



Hug ring | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


If you are away from your loved one then this hug ring will give a warm hug to them for you. This 18k gold plated ring is designed with hand gesture that looks the exact same way when you hug someone. Isn't it amazing and perfect for your hug day gift? This ring is so stylish that anyone wears it with any type of dress anywhere and has a warmth of emotions. The jewelry has a minimal style which gives a taste of subtleness yet beauty in it.

Kiss Day- Indeed, "love requires passion" and this ring represents the same.



Passion heart ring | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


The beginning of your relationship was the time when you made the most effort to show her your romantic side, so why not turn back the clock and remind her how charming you were when you were wooing her? And for those who are planning for their first date or first kiss, we have a magic charm for you that works wonder. Passion heart ring has the charm that shows your passionate love and she will be beguiled by this for sure!

Valentine's Day- Valentine's gift box to treasure your love.


Gift box | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

The D-day, for the final surprise, we have a special gift box for your Valentine that will capture your memories for years to come. You can also add your message on the card and add your favorite jewelry from our collection to complete it. The package includes chocolates and elements of love to sprinkle the magic of your love in the air.

Since you really want to make them feel so special on all the days of Valentine's week you can definitely gift her small pieces of jewelry which will not only add value to your relationship but also are useful for her. We always want to make your gifting easy with wonderful and exotic collections of jewelry. Let Love take a new direction of happiness this Valentine’s Day!

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