We celebrate Women’s day EVERYDAY!

Women’s day is often celebrated with a bunch of discounts, shopping, going out with a girl gang and whatnot. We always celebrate this day as empowerment of all women and encouraging their womanhood to travel beyond their limits but, have you ever wondered why we should gift and adore her on women’s day? 

Firstly, Happy international women’s day to every rocking lady that is part of this universe and is always known for gifting, wishing and appreciating women for being who they truly are, and secondly how they stand in our life as strong pillars. This day is none less than celebrating birthdays and anniversaries. We all believe that Women are simply special. 

Children and men will sometimes give cards, gifts, or flowers to their mom, wife, sisters, or other women they know. Some things are never changed, may it be your grandmother, wife, sister, friend or mother; every woman in your life love to be pampered. You can travel all across the world and no woman would ever say no to a fine piece of jewellery. Women are inbuilt and made with lots of self-esteem but they admire your intentions, your love, and your audacity to make them happier. No one would have ever conveyed gratitude as a woman does!

As we know Gifting is the art of showing appreciation and gratitude towards that person, thanking them and making them feel even better for their presence in our life. Fortunately, you can present her with a piece of jewellery that she can wear whenever she likes and that goes with any outfit. Any woman who receives a jewellery gift from a loved one will have her eyes light up. Although it's best to avoid materialism in life, jewellery has a certain allure that makes it a special gift that can cheer a woman up. This is most likely a result of the regular giving of jewellery as gifts for significant life events like engagement and marriage. It stands for devotion and love. Any woman would be overjoyed to receive elegant jewellery as a present, regardless of her age.

You might have already hunted for several gift ideas for women, but still, gift ideas for women are not the hard part. Is it? Before purchasing a piece of jewellery for a woman you are close to, take note of the jewellery she currently owns. Does she frequently wear earrings or prefer necklaces? What hues does she prefer? Ask a friend of hers or someone who frequently purchases jewellery for advice if you are unsure about any of these details. This seems difficult too, right? Don't worry, the answer is PALMONAS' demi Fine jewellery.

International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regard to divisions, national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Since those early years, International Women's Day has assumed a new global dimension for women in developed and developing countries alike. The growing international women's movement, which has been strengthened by four global United Nations Women's Conferences, has helped make the commemoration a rallying point to build support for women's rights and participation in the political and economic arenas. The time has come to recognize woman efforts! Organizations of different sizes join forces to highlight the importance of women in contemporary society. 

Since world women’s day is here, all the ladies have already geared up for their enormous participation in every possible shopping event. So, why not snap up onto some cool demi-fine jewellery? Jewellery can be that one small thing that gives you a sense of individuality. You might ask, what is world women's day according to us? This is the day of the year when the woman serves as the family's queen in addition to being the wife, partner, organizer, administrator, director, re-creator, economist, mother, and a great teacher anyone could ever ask for!  

Coming to the celebration of women’s day, we often tend to perceive this day as greeting women for their nurturing and caring personalities. Apart from this, we do think of presents to hand over to them to intimating our love and support. Gifts are special, they are affiliated with memories, pictures and a bunch of laughter. Jewellery is often associated with a woman for a long time, since generations back woman wears jewellery for enhancing their beauty and looks. The majority of women enjoy accessorizing with jewellery as a sign of femininity, social position, or fashion. It can raise a woman's sense of beauty and self-worth.

International women’s day is also familiar with remembering HER for her sacrifices, patience and selfless love she always gives. The difficulties facing women worldwide have come to light thanks to International Women's Day. Everyone who thinks that women's rights are human rights is entitled to celebrate International Women's Day today. Gifts are special and Some Gifts are made for special occasions. Their importance is enlightened for the same. Women love shopping and buying some self-love gifts, but gifting your woman a fine piece of jewellery would never go out of style. You can check our best-selling demi-fine jewellery for this special occasion. 

Self-love gifts are those, whom women gift themselves for appreciating themselves and cherishing their existence in this world. Since it’s international women’s day, we all would get the idea of gifting something special to someone special. In this case it would be a great idea to get that trending jewellery for HER. One accessory that works well with a variety of clothes and looks is good jewellery. It is a kind of art that works nicely with a person's style. 

For a very long time, jewellery has been an essential component of many cultures all over the world. Jewellery was worn by both men and women in the past as a sign of riches and prosperity to the common man. Yet, in modern times, ladies all over the world now use jewellery as a fashion statement. We find that both men and women wear jewellery as a method to express their personalities since self-love gifts have already developed in modern women's and unisex fashion jewellery. When someone takes the time to put on an item, like jewellery, they like communicating with the outside world through it. 

Women are the one who, resides under one roof and rule the world same time. No wonder she is the gold part of any jewellery that adds the perfect glitter and shine to make that art piece look magnificent. She is the diamond, without which your shimmer is incomplete and she is the ONE, without her we all are incomplete.

Every woman around the globe is honoured on this day. It is crucial that we acknowledge, appreciate, and spread awareness of the accomplishments of women. There is a need for increased awareness through useful narratives, tools, and activities to overcome gender bias and discrimination. Nonetheless, women's rights are at the core of International Women's Day. Protests and gatherings are taking place all around the world to call for equality. Many women dress in purple, a color popularized by activists for women's suffrage. Woman love colours and this day is meant for filling color in their life. 

Whether it is gold or silver, fine or demi-fine, the jewellery gifts have always some sparkling chore in their realistic nature that gets quite everyone’s attention and quality assurance. On International Women's Day, we pause to consider the achievements of women, demand change and honour the bravery and tenacity of everyday women who have made tremendous contributions to their societies.

Giving a lovely piece of jewellery as a Women's Day present is a considerate and heartfelt way to let the women in your life know how much you value them. Since demi-fine gold earrings represent love, gratitude and perfectly balance elegance and affordability, they make a wonderful choice for this occasion.

So, this international women’s day, let’s celebrate the art of gifting women by adding value to their existence in our ease. Accessories are exceptional when it comes to getting delivered to a woman’s hand. Women are incredible when it comes to being cautious about their gifts. Further, we should call ourselves lucky that we are getting a chance to hand over a special portion of treasure to her for her this women’s day. PALMONAS, a brand that was launched to add affordable luxury in today's woman life, now want to celebrate this day with pride and sparkling jewellery collection

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