Our jewellery says Merry Christmas 🎄

Christmas 2022 is here; everything is merry and bright, and the holiday season calls for family gathering and gifts. Winter and Christmas, jingles and fur, gingerbread, a mug of hot cocoa in hand, and the aroma of plum cake waiting through the air all cry for a Christmas party. All of these sparkles give the area a wonderful glimmer. The traditional fur conjures up images of snow, mistletoe, Christmas, and magic. With the ornaments you select to adorn yourself with, you can catch the magic that glitters and sparkles. Getting dressed up and looking lovely for photos is required for each celebration, no matter how big or small.


We know that most of you buy your most important and valuable gifts at the very last moment. You are still in time, but if you haven't got a clue yet about what to buy, we have you covered! There’s no denying that the festive season demands extra effort with your styling too. We’re here to get you the brightest jewelry that goes with your party dress. Our stylist has created a notebook of guidance. Well, you need to have a necklace, chic earrings for a Christmas party and so much more. Let’s get started!

The Christmas party is the time to be experimental with your style. And for that, all you need to start with is the perfectly on-point outfit, the right accessories, and both of them styled remarkably.


Christmas is a festive of gift, expressing your gratitude to your loved ones. Shoppers know without a doubt that the most expensive and sentimental gifts are typically purchased in the final few days before the holiday. A fascinating, amazing, and inspiring gift guide that may be used for the Christmas holiday has been produced by PALMONAS. Our curated collection features lovely Christmas gifts that appeal to various women's tastes. Since it's time to get out your fuzzy winter clothing and pair the clothes with some magnificent, sparkling, and stylish jewelry. Quality should always come first, and we specifically keep this in mind for our devoted customers keeping affordable price tags.


Winter has arrived and wearing fur can often seem excessive or out of this world when it comes to appearance. This is essentially your inner diva dressing up in a chic style with a wonderful combo of a fur jacket and hanging hoop earrings. You may take snow queen winter attire to a new level of lovely by adding some statement rings. You may mix it with some delicate bracelets to complete the outfit and add a sleek level of flair.

The jewelry PALMONAS design is a clamor for attention. Additionally, combining them with fur can be challenging because fur already attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, go for fur-lined coats that are just the right amount of dressy and will give out a stunning look when paired up with a sparkling delicate solitaire pendant Necklace. You can set it between the collars of your coat and let it have a blingy peek through the opening front. You could also make the look more festive by adding small matching earrings, and a unique big-size ring on your finger.


On the other hand, if you’re not a very big fan of going all mushy with fur jackets, you can always go for a fur wrap stole look by pairing it with an elegant sheen evening dress. And to amp up the look just vividly, embellished it with a stack of bracelets around one of the wrists and carry a gorgeous look for your Christmas Eve. Another way to pair it with a matching finger ring on the other hand, or a minimal sparkling piece of necklace for a balanced appearance.

Rings are the perfect sparkling hints of add-ons to your Diva look. You can simply adorn them with one of your fur jackets looks by pairing them with matching earrings and/or bracelets. The matching can be done with a sleek necklace. Sparkling Zircon rings will bring that extra sparkle to your hands and will also complete the look with a bling of magic.

For Christmas even if you are not a secret Santa you can gift someone with gemstones and charms bracelet and increase your charm in their life with all these gifts. These are the best gifts you can gift your loved ones. All these can also be personalized as you can add elements like hanging charms in the bracelet design just like you decorate your Christmas tree with favorite ornaments. Christmas is a time to celebrate and is not just a season of winter but also to celebrate the time with wonderful people in life and showcase your love, and value, honor them the most by gifting them something that they are going to cherish for a long period.


It’s that time of the year when you start the official holiday season shopping. The time of giving will soon be here too so, it’s never too early to get a head start on your Christmas shopping. Let’s start to shop for your Christmas style and buy some beautiful gifts too. Christmas celebrates the love and bond of family and friends. The concept behind this festival is not just to meet and celebrate the festive moments but to express your gratitude and exchange gifts. PALMONAS is a great fan and respects every culture and want to celebrate all festivals. Merry Christmas!

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