The month you were born in, and its designated birthstone can say a lot about your personality. Your birthstone is a reminder of your uniqueness in the world.  You will find many different ancient cultures connecting birthstone to their calendar systems and how it is effective for individual to wear it. Discover your birthstone and what it says about your personality.


The birthstone for January is thought to be garnet. It encourages amorous desire and affection. It stands for enduring affections, devotion, and friendship that will never end. If she believes in gemstones, a pendant with a garnet is the ideal birthday present. Because the red hue of the crystal resembles that of the pomegranate fruit, the Latin word "garantum" which meaning seed, is where the term's name originates. People born in January have a strong drive to excel in life and rise to positions of authority. Due to their outstanding organizational abilities, they constantly strive for respect and success while avoiding harboring negative views. They are emotional and sensitive, making it difficult for them to communicate honestly with others, yet they are very dependable and protective of their family.
Garnets serve to restore balance to life and purge the mind of all negativities. Astrologically, different chakras in the body are associated with garnet. For instance, green garnet has a positive effect on the heart chakra, while hessonite acts on the Sahashara chakra. Garnets improve poise, fortitude, introspection, and charity. Increasing blood flow and hemoglobin levels are two of garnet's many health benefits. Garnets treat bone damage and reduce inflammation.
February is known as the month of Cupid, passion, and love. This gem may be found all over the world, and the iron or manganese compounds that are impurities give it its lovely hue. This gem is also referred to as a transparent, purple, and faceted gem. This gem is linked to a feeling of comprehension, faith, grace, and tranquilly. The crystal stands for cleansing and a connection to celestial entities and emotions. The gem is widely recognized for promoting calmness, inner strength, courage, and clarity of thought. They have the ability to reduce tension and draw in uplifting energy. They are also thought to improve immunological function and correct any internal imbalances. Amethyst gems are strong enough to be used in various types of jewelry. As a result, these stones are used as pendants, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Because they range from a distinctive purple tint to reddish-purple tones, these gems appear more beautiful. Purple doesn't go with many outfits; this is a myth, but the exquisite purple hue of the stone goes with practically everything. Additionally, this diamond is produced swiftly and at a lower cost.
March is the month of spring, and we are talking about the gem of the sea Aquamarine which is considered as the treasure of mermaids. The blue hue of the March gemstone is so mesmerizing that people naturally fall in love. Aquamarine crystals are pale blue- green gemstones. It is said to symbolize youth and happiness, courage, reduces stress and calm the mind. Aquamarine falls in the category of semi-precious gemstone which includes precious stones like diamonds, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. It's beautiful, serene color has a calming sensation, releases fear and bring clarity and all these helps to enhance the happiness of marriages, courage, love, hope and good health. It is said that the stone helps to shift through energy and information, create mental clarity and calms an overactive mind.
April the month to sparkle with the birthstone diamond. Diamond is loved by almost all because of its rarity, endless radiance, exceptional durability, it’s a timeless appeal, and one will always cherish and flaunt the gem forever. This is the reason why it is called ‘girl’s best friend’. Diamond is considered the hardest natural mineral on planet. The diamonds comes into variety of types and all come in an array of colors. Diamond symbolizes romance, courage and provides a proper clarity inner strength. These gems can be gifted for anniversaries and even as birthday gift to your girlfriend. Diamond is also the gem that marks the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. The special combination of the crystal structure and the formation process of the diamonds gives them a different quality altogether and hence that makes them extraordinary.
Those born in the month of May are lucky enough to call this gemstone as Gem of Spring. It is also known for being Queen Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone from which it oozes out its royalty and charm. We are talking about Emerald which has a gorgeous green hue and gives a spectacular vision. The most priced emeralds are highly transparent, and the color is evenly distributed with no eye visible color zone. The gemstone can be determined if it is an emerald or not, if the hue is too yellowish or bluish then it is not an emerald. Basically, the intensity of the green in the finest emeralds might not be equaled with anything else in nature.  Emerald is the symbol of rebirth and hope, and it gives the wearer a good fortune, foresight, health, wealth. It also promotes friendship, faithfulness, wisdom and patience.
Pearl and Alexandrite are the birthstones of June and is mostly given on 3rd or 30th anniversary. Alexandrite is one of the handful organic gems. Alexandrite is also called ruby in the night and emerald in the day due to its special characteristic of change in color. It is a crystal that is believed to bring balance between the unmanifest spiritual or astral world and physical manifest. Stone unlocks the crown and lets you access the loving support and healing energy of the universe. Alexandrite will remind you that you should only make a lot of happy moments, so it is an excellent gift for your loved ones too. Alexandrite offers you encouragement and hope. It can give you strength and even guide you towards light, hope and happiness.
The gemstone Ruby is in July. The all-time favorite gemstone of girls is ruby. It is linked to qualities like strength, vigor, and enthusiasm for life. Many ancient cultures thought that rubies had the power of life because they resembled blood in color. For everyday wear, Palmonas offers a birthstone with a fashion statement. Ruby has long been associated with romance and is considered to boost loyalty, morality, and joy. It is claimed to rouse the senses, promote imagination, stir the blood and stimulate the heart, and ensure health, wealth, and wisdom.
For people born in the month of august they have the oldest stone known Peridot. Previously it was considered to be an aid to friendship and free the mind of envious thoughts and to protect the wearer from evil to bring the wearer power, promote abundance and prosperity. Peridot has received immense love since its discovery and was even named ‘gem of the sun’ by the ancient Egyptians. This jewel possesses a unique golden-green hue, rare beauty and remarkable radiance, which have made it an extremely popular gemstone. 
Sapphires have been associated with the September birthstone, any of the other fabulous colors, like the Fancy Sapphires, are now being used.  Sapphire has always been associated with the color blue. Sapphire has always been a popular stone, seen as a symbol of heaven and a guardian of innocence, a sign of nobility that has decorated fine robes, rings and brooches of royalty for centuries. The stone is considered as for wisdom and prophecy, spiritual insight and good fortune. The stone of love and commitment, truth, sincerity and faithfulness.
Tourmaline is a truly fascinating stone. It is considered as the one of the only gemstones that exhibits the broadest spectrum of colors, occurring in various shades of virtually every hue. It is known as the “peace stone” and believed to ease fear, making its wearer calm and carries the virtue of unconditional love and friendship. Opals hold the richest and deepest colors with blazing reds, greens, blues and purples. It is described as supernatural stone, able to guard against disease and give the gift of prophecy. The birthstone is also a symbol of hope, truth and purity.
Topaz gemstones are loved for their gorgeous fall colors ranging from bright yellow to bright green. Shining topaz reflects the warm, earthy tones of autumn and is associated with many positive attributes. It is said to bring mental clarity, emotional stability, and increased self-confidence, attract goodness into the wearer's life, and promote inner peace. Topaz birthstone holders have a reputation for being lucky. Whether it's a having fun or stellar career, born in November have it all.
December, the last month of the year is undoubtedly full of joy, excitement and celebration. Turquoise represents the month of December that is believed to increase oneself confidence and motivation and to provide guidance. It is said to possess a strong magnetic force and have an intense healing energy that is highly spiritual and help balance one's virtuous aspects. The mineral, ranging in color from sky blue to yellow green, was popular amongst Egyptians. Those with a turquoise birthstone shows personality of honest, wise and know how to persevere. They achieve everything once they set their mind on it.
So, what month is yours???

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