7 Amazing pieces of jewellery for your mother ūüėä

Do you know what is the most beautiful word in the world? Yes, it is MOTHER. The very first word everyone says when they start speaking. You'll always need to reciprocate her love differently. Giving your mother a jewellery as a gift is an impressive way to express that love. Show how much you appreciate her persevering assistance and love. A gorgeous piece of jewellery can help you to honour her and memories that your mother has given you. Choosing a jewellery as a present for mother can be crucial, but there are many choices that she will  love and treasure. Now that there are a few ways to express your emotions, it's time to look for the ideal accessory to complement her style.

Recent market research indicates that nearly 13 million single moms, or 4.5% of all Indian households nationwide, are responsible for running their homes. It is reasonable that each of these Indians would want to express their love and gratitude for their mother. In the guide below, find out how to buy jewellery for Mom that will make her happy. 

Palmonas is dedicated to providing premium Demi-Fine jewellery at competitive prices. Numerous styles, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more, are available in our collection. You can shop Palmonas’ newest products to find your mother something stylish, refined, and lovely. To help you get started, let us suggest few sparkling sterling silver pieces. 

Tulip Pearl Necklace 





If your mom is a fan of exquisiteness and class, the tulip pearl necklace is a great choice. The creative team of Palmonas can understand the beautiful mind of your mom. It's ideal for working women who want to add a dash of class to any ensemble. Genuine pearls run across the bottom of the necklace and stand out as the focal point of the design. The tiny pearl necklace has a train of royal pearls. Many of Palmonas’ customers prefer to present at least one out of two to their mom. Several consumers were granted two necklaces at a time. Palmonas observes the increasingly popular trend in both designs of necklaces. 

Pink Sparkle Bracelet 





The marvellous Pink Sparkle Bracelet has a round circle with a pink enameled sparkly centre. Pink is a congenial, regaling, and sentimental colour that connects individuals to their youth and is associated with love, kindness, and femininity. The pink sparkle bracelet betokens a blissful and youthful life in the past and future, which is felicitous for your mom. Bracelet in 18k rose gold plating and 18k white gold plating are a handmade products that is exquisite to engender identical items.

Pearl Crown Dangle Earrings





Palmonas’ created the Pearl Crown Dangle Earrings in a lovely way, with pearl-shaped hoop earrings crafted in 18k gold plating. Pearl crown dangle earrings may sway as a person speaks or moves and gives a graceful look to your mom. This pearl crown dangle earrings are gold in colour with magnificent gold plating, which can go with her saree perfectly. Share your emotions with your mom with this amazing gift.

Oyster With Tiny Pearl Necklace





This lovely oyster necklace features a pendant that looks like a tiny pearl in an oyster. The oyster pearl necklace is beautiful and aesthetic. Palmonas’ has crafted this necklace with a semi-precious pearl, a natural cultured oyster pearl that depicts a natural colour, energy, and resplendency, giving you the purest and most semi-precious gemstones for life. The Oyster Tiny Pearl Necklace is a handmade product, comes in two variant, 18k gold plating and 18k white gold plating. Choose her preference, so it will be a perfect gift.

Perfect square diamond stud earrings





For your perfect mom, present these perfect square diamond stud earrings. 18k white gold pated studded with zirconia crystals and big stone in center of that square which shines brightly day and night. This set of diamond stud earrings make an elegant statement for any event and will last a lifetime as they will never tarnish. These studs provides endless styling opportunities. She can wear this every day and can have that feeling of adopting modern new trend of style.

Beaded Pearl Bracelet





The beaded pearl bracelet is a beautiful oranment with pearl in center linked to 18k gold plated dainty beads. It is a marvellous gift to express your emotions. This bracelet is thought to bestow luck and energy on the wearers with shimmering pearl charm. It is adjustable and pearl is fresh water cultured creamy white in colour. This bracelet is colossal and glossy!

Serene Pearl Set



The Serene Pearl Set includes a pair of pearl stud earrings and a delicate pearl pendant necklace. Inspired from classic design that has evolved with time in a modern twist. The name itself suggest a calm design that speaks a lot about beauty. Adorn this elegant piece and let it speak for itself. The serene pearl set endowment will make your mother happy. When she smiles, you can see her face gleaming with pearls. Your gift of the pearl set around mom's neck will be vital and precious to her. You feel proud of your gift pack when your mom beams a contented smile at her image in the mirror. 

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