Our Jewellery

About our jewellery:

1. Sterling silver: We use sterling silver as a base material in our high quality jewelry. Sterling silver is a precious metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. It is long lasting and very flexible. Did you know? We use rhodium which is a rare precious metal that gives the piece extra luster and shine.

2. Gold vermeil: (vehr-may) A high quality type of gold-plated jewelry. Its base material is sterling silver and it has a super thick layer of gold plating for long-lasting colour and shine. PALMONAS gold vermeil pieces use 18k gold plating which is 5x thicker than regular “gold-plating” and ~100x thicker than regular "flash-plating", hence your PALMONAS gold vermeil piece will outlast regular gold-plated and flash-plated jewelry by long long time.

3. Long life: Our products are crafted with the highest quality materials and ultra-thick multi-layer plating so that they have long life (if not a lifetime). We exclusively use high quality materials like sterling silver, gold vermeil and 5A cubic zirconia.

4. Recycled materials where possible: Our sterling silver items are made with recycled silver.

5. Giving back to the society: We donate 1% amount of every order value towards education of underprivileged girls to create a better tomorrow!