What is demi-fine jewellery?

Palmonas's demi-fine jewellery refers to trinkets plated in semi-precious metals, such as gold vermeil, on a solid sterling silver foundation. We use a thick layer of 18K gold/18K rose gold top of a solid sterling silver base. Palmonas have found the ideal blend of fashion and luxury for modern woman, so she can now wear cutting-edge jewellery designed and crafted in high-quality materials at a reasonable price. We craft each piece using traditional methods.

Why should I purchase demi-fine jewellery from Palmonas?

Palmonas's demi-fine jewellery will add luxurious detail to your regular clothes if you enjoy the stacked necklace look, ear parties, and bracelet stacks. Palmonas refer to "ear parties," which means that ladies don't like to wear a classic set of earrings anymore but prefer to make combinations with different earrings. If you're seeking an effortless style change, you have the brilliant option of Palmonas. Our jewellery is adaptable and durable, making it an ideal choice for your style statement.

What exactly is vermeil in gold?

"Silver vermeil," also known as "silver gilt," is pure or sterling silver plated with gold. Nowadays Vermeil jewellery is made by electroplating silver with gold, a chemical process that uses an electrical current to bind the two metals together. 

Is it pure silver?

Yes, Palmonas jewellery is 92.5 purity, the maximum purity achievable while making silver ornaments.

How did Palmonas choose his stones?

Most gemstone products have natural semi-precious stones, but you can go through the description of the product to verify the quality of the stones used in that specific product. It varies from product to product. Palmonas also uses synthetic gemstones in various colours. Palmonas use fabricated or semi-precious stones, as seen in the product description. You can contact Palmonas' customer support division if you have questions about the product.

Are they genuine stones?

Palmonas use synthetic or semi-precious stones to offer abundant varieties at affordable prices, which may enhance your look. You can refer to our product description for any details. Palmonas uses natural semi-precious stones in the lion's share of their gemstone products.

How long does the gold plating on Palmonas demi-fine jewellery last?

The shine of the gold finish on gold-plated jewellery depends on many factors, like usage and weather conditions, including humid weather conditions, which dull the gold finish faster than appropriate storage.

  • Palmonas provide a one-year guarantee for the gold plating on the jewellery.
  • Palmonas recommends using gold-dipped pieces with care and drying them of sweat and moisture before storing them in air-tight plastic covers.
  • Palmonas gold plated jewellery is crafted with 18k gold, which gives it a marvelous gold look.
  • Palmonas do not use lacquer or other harmful chemicals.
How to style demi-fine jewellery with Palmonas?

The demi-fine jewellery of Palmonas allows you to elevate your outfit by adorning it with charming pieces. All pieces are beautiful and incredible that is good enough to brighten up everyday look. How you prefer to style your Palmonas jewellery depends on your area of interest. The great thing about our demi-fine jewellery pieces is that they are all so versatile!

You may choose to create a loving look by wearing a delicate pair of Palmonas earrings, or you can go for the other end of the spectrum and wear Palmonas textured rings. There are so many options in a demi-fine jewellery piece that will allow you to have fun with styling up that will never stop. Everything will surely make you look AMAZING! Palmonas 's demi-fine jewellery can give you a meaningful evening or a casual appearance regardless of your style. You can create your own unique and stunning looks with these adorable demi-fine jewellery pieces.

Is the demi-fine jewellery by Palmonas of good quality?

The affordable prices of Palmonas's demi-fine jewellery do not imply that they are of low quality. It is quite the opposite. Due to its affordability and high quality, Palmonas' demi-fine jewellery has become a popular alternative for many ladies.

Who is attracted to Demi-Fine Jewellery?

Recent media reports suggest that even Devendra Fadnavis, Maharashtra's deputy chief minister, wore Palmonas' flag pin. Even celebrities constantly in the spotlight don't hesitate to wear demi-fine jewellery. Many celebrities and models, including Meghan Markle and Kaia Gerber, understand how to access semi-precious jewellery. The demi-fine jewellery of Palmonas is for anyone who wants to look spectacular!

What is Palmonas' global presence?

Palmonas designs are globally recognised, and the prices are reasonable. Palmonas desire that its customers wear its jewellery daily. We have created the brand's style while considering cultural preferences around the world. Since it began operating internationally a fortnight ago, it has shipped over 200 orders to the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates. 

What is Palmonas's sterling silver jewellery?

The base material for Palmona's high-quality jewellery is sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. It has a long lifespan and is incredibly adaptable. Did you know that? Palmonas uses rhodium, a rare precious metal that adds lustre and shine to the piece.

Why Palmonas?

The demi-fine trend doesn't limit you to a specific type of metal or stone, nor are you limited to wearing just one piece at a time. You can pair Palmonas's creative pieces as per your style, so you have complete expressive control over how and what you wear. Those looking to add a modern twist to their look will appreciate our demi-fine items' ability to bridge the gap between timeless and contemporary.

Express yourself without any limits! Palmonas's demi-fine jewellery is worn by jewellery lovers and celebrities alike, meaning you can take great comfort in knowing you're only wearing excellent jewellery.