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Figaro Chain Necklace

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Rope Chain Necklace

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Thin Chain Necklace

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Cuban Chain Necklace

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Pearl Lip Chain Necklace

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Styling is important for professional look. A clean design of chain necklace gives a different elegance with all kinds of outfits at work. It is never out date! The link Chain are also known as fashion-forward link chain that has bloomed in popularity in last few years. It has a pattern of alternating round or oval metal links which are connected by flat, wide strips, link chain styles which has variety of lengths and weights to add texture to our styling.

The paper clip chains are set apart by their distinctively metal links that affix together in a way that evocates everyday office styling. These chains can come in different sizes varying from being big and chunky to thin and long chains. For this kind of chains, the size of the chain does not matter that much because it looks damn classy and gives a great style statement when it is worn around the neck especially when worn with high neck collar tops. These dual-purpose chain match perfectly with any style dressing up for everyday office wear or any sophisticated office party.

PALMONAS offer choker type of chain which intrinsically clasp around your neck. This choker chain necklace is made of metal, ribbon or velvet or sometimes leather. This type of necklace best suites with a U-neck and off shoulder necklines. Nowadays office wear designs dresses which suits the Figaro chains as well. These chains are joined as a group of three with a long circle. The chain is constructed of 3-5 small round or oval links with larger links between. This creates an elevated durability that is quite strong enough to adorn a pendant or stylish enough to be worn alone. Along with the Figaro chain, there comes another type of chain which is snake chain which resembles with the Figaro chain in some way.

The snake chain necklace is an excellent choice for any occasion and not only for daily office outfit since it looks like a sleek and smooth chain like which has a semi-rigid construction and an exquisite lay which creates a perfect setting with any pendant or stones. Also looking at the comfort zone, the tightly woven plates or bands are super comfortable to wear because of one reason that they do not tangle or catch on clothing which sometimes stretches the thread of a cloth. On the top of it, snake chains are very simple to maintain which makes it a desirable option for many women for daily wear choice.

If you like wearing chain necklace, then you will find out how easy it to style with any outfit. Chains show different feelings when it stays on each person, don’t you think? Best part is that skin tone does not influence your wearing effect. We can call it as modify effects. Consider the sparkling traits of chains. When you are wearing layers of chain, people will take notice of your necklace. It brings glow to your face! There is multiple option to choose when it comes to chains that suit your style.

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