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Dainty Birthstone Necklace

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Cute Birthstone Ring

Cute Birthstone Ring

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Cute Birthstone Ring | 18k White Gold Plated

Cute Birthstone Ring | 18k White Gold Plated

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Cute Birthstone Ring | 18k Rose Gold Plated

Cute Birthstone Ring | 18k Rose Gold Plated

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Birthstones for all months

The month you were born in, and its designated birthstone can say a lot about your personality. Your birthstone is a reminder of your uniqueness in the world. Discover your birthstone and what it says about your personality. You will find many different ancient cultures connected birthstone to their calendar systems and how it is effective for individual to wear it.

Birthstone for January- Garnet- The birthstone for January is thought to be garnet. It encourages amorous desire and affection. It stands for enduring affections, devotion, and friendship that will never end.

Birthstone for February- Amethyst- February is known as the month of Cupid, passion, and love. This gem may be found all over the world, and the iron or manganese compounds that are impurities give it its lovely hue. This gem is also referred to as a transparent, purple, and faceted gem. This gem is linked to a feeling of comprehension, faith, grace, and tranquilly.

Birthstone for March- Aquamarine- March is the month of spring and we are talking about the gem of the sea Aquamarine which is considered as the treasure of mermaids. Aquamarine crystals are pale blue- green gemstones. It is said to symbolize youth and happiness, courage, reduces stress and calm the mind.

Birthstone for April- Diamond- April the month to sparkle with the birthstone diamond.  durability, it’s a timeless appeal, and one will always cherish and flaunt the gem forever. Diamond symbolizes romance, courage and provides a proper clarity inner strength. 

Birthstone for May- Emerald- Those born in the month of May are lucky enough to call this gemstone as Gem of Spring. Emerald is the symbol of rebirth and hope, and it gives the wearer a good fortune, foresight, health, wealth.

Birthstone for June- Alexandrite- Alexandrite is one of the handful organic gems. Alexandrite offers you encouragement and hope. It can give you strength and even guide you towards light, hope and happiness.

Birthstone for July- Ruby- The all-time favorite gemstone of girls is ruby. It is linked to qualities like strength, vigor, and enthusiasm for life. 

Birthstone for August- Peridot- For people born in the month of august they have the oldest stone known Peridot. Previously it was considered to be an aid to friendship and free the mind of envious thoughts and to protect the wearer from evil to bring the wearer power, promote abundance and prosperity.

Birthstone for September- Sapphire- Sapphires have been associated with the September stone, any of the other fabulous colors, like the Fancy Sapphires, are now being used. Sapphire has always been a popular stone, seen as a symbol of heaven and a guardian of innocence, a sign of nobility that has decorated fine robes, rings and brooches of royalty for centuries.

Birthstone for October- Opal- Tourmaline is a truly fascinating stone. It is considered as the one of the only gemstones that exhibits the broadest spectrum of colors, occurring in various shades of virtually every hue. The birthstone is a symbol of hope, truth and purity.

Birthstone for November- Topaz- Topaz gemstones are loved for their gorgeous fall colors ranging from bright yellow to bright green. Topaz birthstone holders have a reputation for being lucky. 

Birthstone for December- Turquoise- December, the last month of the year is undoubtedly full of joy, excitement and celebration. Turquoise represents the month of December that is believed to increase oneself confidence and motivation and to provide guidance.

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