Going for a vacation??? then pack this jewelry!

Imagine planning a trip with friends, which is always an impossible task. Even if the trip turns out to be a yes trip, then all of them will be over the moon since they have reached an incredible goal after working on the plan for many months. Well, planning a trip has some major steps but if it’s a girl’s trip then they have one of the most important things to do is to choose their dresses plus their accessories. Glamour is the new creativity! Especially on girls trip the style statement is very important. But also, to keep in mind to which place you are going. They will pack accordingly like dresses according to the destination. 


Royal solitaire ring | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas
Black onyx ring | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


This coastal metropolis has the perfect blend of city exploration and relaxation. And hence when girls plan these kinds of trip, they try to wear minimal accessories which can be too stylish to bring out the glamour of the outfit. PALMONAS provides minimalistic jewelry like necklaces girls can pair with Demin shorts and crop. We have ornaments like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, mangalsutra, rings and men's rings which need not to be refreshed every season since the jewelries offered by PALMONAS gives the person the freedom to wear it even after the trends goes off the air. Our jewelry collection has its own sparkling aura that speaks to the person who is wearing the jewelry not just on keeping with the trend.


Ishani Diamond mangalsutra | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas
Tvarita Diamond Mangalsutra | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


The ornaments are stressed on the form and type of clothes we are wearing. If we choose Parisian look which is basically a timeless look for beach or if we choose European sophisticated and elegant look for beach, then you can pair the outfit with diamond affair necklace or chain layers. All these ornaments do not have to be boring or colorless. PALMONAS' jewelry has a style feature that has its own taste, rules and trends when it comes to being classy and stylish with a goal of keeping the statement as minimalistic. Simple plus floral dresses on beach with suitable jewelry is like cherry on the top of a curated look. This simple but classy look is what brings you to the limelight. These all brings all together the matching colors and a little sparkle in just the right place. And the best part the minimalistic look does not get alter at all.


Diamond affair necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas
Black onyx two layer necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


Now holidays are definitely the season to sparkle and glam up. We suggest you embrace with colors just like life. Spark the holiday with 18K gold plated jewelries. This kind of fashion is quite a fun for holiday jewelry. Also, these ornaments keep the look very classic. You obviously know your style, so it is not necessary to go over because of holiday. If you are going on a trek, then you can obviously pair a comfortable track pants with a top if you are going for summer treks then you can definitely match your outfit with simple cuff bracelet or small bar bracelet to give a minimal look. When trekking during winters you usually wear pullover or synthetic wear, and you can pair with some earrings like studs which are super comfortable to wear.


Cuff bracelet bangle | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas
Small bar bracelet | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


Coming from the beach vibes to the hilly vibes you can have different looks like eskimo chic look, the color dash look, the wanderlust look, the army brat look, the outdoor explorer look, you can definitely pair your look with solitaire hoop earring or heart hoop earring. All these looks will definitely give you a high fashion element style and gives a photographic style statement. When you plan for hill stations the color of the outfit is very important as we match the accessories accordingly. All these looks with contemporary jewelry give an elegant style and flattering fits. 


Medium heart hoop earrings | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas
Athena solitaire hoop earrings | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas


During vacation we love to wear different kinds of dresses which we generally don’t get to wear on normal days. Some floral dress will definitely match with black onyx ring or royal solitaire ring

There’s a trend now for airport look and PALMONAS provides the most stylish accessories for any stylish looks which a person can desire for. Following the trends of any public figure, we try to match up with those looks. Girls wear the most comfortable outfits they can wear for travelling like comfy pants with a cotton top, a pair of hoops, black charm two layers necklace with sunglasses on. So, for planning any vacations, this collection will always fit to the go –to accessories.

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