Timeless pearl jewellery for royal and classy style!


A woman's heart is comparable to the ocean. It has its storms, tides, and pearls too hidden deep within. Pearls have historically stood for ideas like love, purity, and wisdom. If someone offers you a pearl jewellery, he likely thinks highly of you and wants to show their affection in a remarkable, enduring way. That individual wants to make a special memory with you. He might have wished to offer you something that reflects the significance of your relationship with them and is as precious and unique as you.

Pearls have traditionally been given as presents and exchanged. The beautiful Arco Valley Pearl, which weighs 575 carats and measures more than three inches long, is said to have been given to the Mongolian ruler Kublai Khan by the 13th-century traveller Marco Polo. The whereabouts of the pearl, sold at auction in Abu Dhabi in 2007, are unknown. In the sixteenth century, Prince Phillip II of Spain gave his wife Mary the renowned pearl, La Peregrina. In the 1960s, actor Richard Burton presented his jewellery-obsessed wife Elizabeth Taylor with the white, pear-shaped saltwater pearl known as La Peregrina. To highlight La Peregian, Taylor had a necklace made of pearls and rubies.

PALMONAS' design timeless pearl jewellery with Freshwater pearls

Most common pearls that are used by jewellers and widely available, easier to grow is cultured freshwater pearl. It can be cultured in freshwater, rivers, lake and ponds, and produced in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colours. Do your research before you go for valuable purchase, so you can find great quality freshwater pearls.

Shape- a small percentage of pearls grown are perfectly round which tend to cost more than the off round pearls. So, decide if you want perfect round pearls on your necklace or bracelet or earrings or if you like the slightly off round shapes, which for many give a pearl a more authentic look.

Colour- pearls come in a variety of colours- white, grey, black, silver, cream and brown and a range of different hues of each variety. The most common colour is white or cream.

Lustre- the intensity of the light reflected off the surface of the pearl. It’s what gives a pearl that special look, it’s what you want a pearl to be good at. Freshwater ones can also have great luster, you just need to look for it.

Why is Palmonas' one-pearl necklace set prominent in your collection?

We learn from the need for different pearl necklaces in your collections. More genuine reasons are listed below.

  1. The history of pearl necklaces is extensive.
  2. Necklaces with pearls are versatile.
  3. A pearl necklace can surprise you in many ways.
  4. Having pearls goes far and wide.
  5. Having pearls is like having star feeling. 

We are well aware of your ardent desire to have at least one pearl necklace set in your collection. Palmonas have abundant varieties, which are every woman's first emotions. We have dazzling array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings which will be your iconic style statement.

Here are some of our best seller pearl jewellery: 

Pearls chain two-layer necklace




This classic necklace can be paired with any outfit, just wearing a strand of pearls around your neck is quite lovely. It has a stunning pearl chain and a superb 18k gold pated delicate chain. Palmonas' pearl chain two-layer necklace improves your overall appearance. With this pearls necklace, you can make your presentation attractive and elegant!

Pearl ocean necklace




Pearls' enduring appeal results in their position as the most fashionable gemstone! Pearls are a timeless classic that must be in every jewellery collection. The Pearl Ocean Necklace is a magnificent necklace with a pendant of a delicate pearl features a distinctive style. The Palmonas drew their inspiration for the Pearl Ocean Necklace from the simple, organic features seen in nature. The secret world beneath the gentle waves, brimming with rare and natural riches, fascinates the Palmonas.

Baroque pearl T-bar necklace




The Baroque pearl T-bar necklace is a beautiful necklace with a pendant of a delicate white wobbly pearl. Palmonas blended the stunning pearl necklace with a sophisticated oval chain fastened with a thin, classy T-bar. This is the perfect necklace that will blend in your chic style.

Oyster with a tiny pearl necklace




The expression "the world is your oyster" refers to the idea that everything is possible and that you can travel anywhere in life if you have the chance. Almost all high-quality pearls come from oysters. Oysters make pearls when exposed to an irritant, such as a grain of sand. The Oyster with Tiny Pearl is a magnificent necklace that has a pendant with a delicate tiny pearl in an oyster. The oyster creates pearls by lining the shell with nacre, which builds up around a foreign object embedded within it. As a natural defense against an irritant like a parasite penetrating their covering or harming their delicate bodies, freshwater and saltwater mussels produce pearls. Get your stunning oyster pearl necklace with 18k gold plating and 18k white gold plating.

Pearl angel necklace



The Palmonas' spectacular Pearl Angel Necklace has a pendant with an angel sitting on a pearl. You will have your protective angel always with you when you wear this necklace and it will integrate suavity into your look too. Our classic cable chain is knit together by a brilliant pendant, and its accent looks like it instantly amends your appearance. Your timeless pearls will receive the stylish upgrade they optate. We have this amazing necklace in 18k rose gold plating and 18k white gold plating as well.

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