Jewelry is an one of the most important fashion accessories for every day. We wear it to enhance our style and make a bold personality statement. While fashion trends tend to change, precious memories of gifts are irreplaceable in our heart. An elegant piece of jewelry is perfect for Diwali gift and for you to make an impression! Diwali is around the corner and we know how overwhelming it can be to look through million products available online but at the end it's all about gifting and treasuring that happy face of the gift receiver. Here we are to save your precious time and easier for you to choose that token of love! We present to you our specially curated 10 best pieces of sterling silver for the moments of joy.


Emerald Aventurine necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

What better way to profess your love than to gift her Emerald! One of the most precious gemstone and desire of every woman to have it. For a gem lover this piece will turn out to be the best jewellery gift. Emerald is filled with energy that provides a wearer with heightened intelligence and allow them to think objectively. Show how much you treasure her!


Colourful stones necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

The luminous colorful stones that radiate colors of her beauty. The exquisite stones strung on a delicate golden chain that brighten up the minimal look. Gift this dainty necklace that adds a grace to her accessorizing fashion.


Love envelope necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

This necklace is your very own version and a special sentiment that you share with someone special. So, this festive season show your gratitude because saying is not enough! You can put a cute little picture or a heartwarming note inside the envelope which adds a surprising element to this gift.


Heart Locket necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

Crafted with brilliant craftsmanship, the symbol of romance is possibly one of the best Diwali gift options on this list. Inspired by the fondness of love, this heart pendant is a reminder of your affection. It'll add sparkle to formal and casual attires too. A gorgeous Diwali gift to give your fiancé, wife or girlfriend. You have 2 options with this necklace, it comes in shiny gold and royal white gold. Choose your color of romance!


royal diamond solitaire mangalsutra | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

This Mangalsutra depict today’s’ modernity. Remarkable Solitaire pendant with delicate 18k gold-plated chain. No poems on love can describe the love you have for your wife, let this Mangalsutra do the job for you! This distinctive Mangalsutra can also be assembled with our solitaire studs earrings to be gifted as a set.

wobbly pearl earrings | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

Allow us to introduce their new favorite earrings. They will cherish this wobbly pearl dangle earrings for years to come. It won't matter if the recipient is your mom, bestie, sister, or your someone special, this heartwarming gift will make anyone feel oh so loved.


Pearl chain two layer necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

This classic yet contemporary pearl and a gold chain necklace brings out the elegance and makes anyone look ravishing. Symbol of royalty and perfection, this can be stated as one of the must-have pieces in women’s trinkets trunk. Sleek and stunning are the words to describe this exceptional piece.


initials necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

If it was a search of a Diwali Gift for a friend, initials necklace is a perfect gifting option for everyone. It’s an excellent Jewelry gift, if your friend wears minimal accessories, and this can be worn every day. Simple yet thoughtful gift for your lovely friend. Initials charm has bamboo style texture which makes it more shinier. 


Flower solitaire necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

Transcends seasons with the ever-alluring shine of solitaire! This is a gift to make your partner drop their jaw in awe! Women can style this with tradition as well as casual outfit. It’s an excellent choice to pamper her and get some brownie points!


Pearl chain two layer necklace | 1 year warranty | anti-tarnish | waterproof | Palmonas

Pearl set
Recreate the warmth of tradition and love by gifting this pearl set to your loved one. Festive of light will be brightened up with the glow of her beauty when she wear this marvelous set of pearls. She is a bundle of your happiness so why not surprise her this festive season with exquisite jewellery!

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