Make your Anniversary remarkable.

The most important milestone of your relationship is Anniversary. It is a celebration of all the efforts you have been putting in-to grow your bond stronger every day. Let us help you to make it shine more, because whether it’s your 1st anniversary or your 50th, she deserves a gift. She is your bundle of happiness, so why not gift something that will be bundle of her happiness! When you are not sure how to express your gratitude and love, jewellery is the perfect gift. It is always a thoughtful, and sentimental way to express your love. 

Now your first question is budget for a gift, how much do you have to spend? Good news is, you don’t need to break the bank as we have great Demi-fine jewellery collection that fits perfectly to your pocket. The main question you need to work on is what is her style? Big task…right? Don’t worry we have saved you this time too. PLAMONAS' jewellery is every woman’s choice. You can never go wrong with our curated list. She can wear this jewellery on a daily basis, and for special occasion too. Palmonas have abundant varieties that enhance a woman's personality and make her style statement iconic.

Let’s surf though a dazzling curated collection of Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Mangalsutra, and Ring;

Flower Solitaire Necklace




Your unbreakable bond should be celebrated by the hardest and most coveted gem. Your love is defined perfectly by diamond's strength and purity. The Flower Solitaire Necklace is a marvelous necklace with a pendant of a delicate zirconia crystal flower. No other necklace like the flower solitaire necklace has ever been made; it is unique like your love story! You can choose 18k gold plated or 18k white gold plated, just go for it!

Diamond Affair Necklace




The Diamond Affair Necklace is debonair in the unique color of rose gold. It has glimmering stones strung on a 18k rose gold plated delicate chain. This stylish choker necklace will definitely win her heart! Everything comes up roses when you gift her rose gold necklace. The pink hue is symbolic of everlasting devotion and eternal love. Rose-gold’s blush tones greatly compliment the diamond and can instantly modernize the classic style.

Citrine Quartz Necklace





18k Gold Plated Citrine Quartz Necklace is an exquisite necklace carrying a pendant that is of a yellow gemstone. To express your sunshine relationship and the eternal flame of love, we couldn't think of anything more appropriate for anniversary gift. The stone represents the feeling associated with deep emotions, communication, and compassion that is aligned with your bond. The yellow stone necklace is a gorgeous piece for her! The citrine quartz stone necklace is hand carved from a fine quality semi-precious gemstone into a rectangular shape and finished with sterling silver determinations.

Royal Solitaire Ring





The awesome 18k gold plated Ring has a royal solitaire that symbolize the strength and connectivity of your blossoming relationship. Solitaire has always been a symbol of elegance and gives off a royal feeling. It is absolutely beautiful on its own but is especially striking when it is paired with a royal solitaire necklace. The bright white of the solitaire perfectly compliments the yellow gold. This ring is the perfect option for a special gift! This ring will fit any budget and be sure to beautifully commemorate an important milestone. 

Dainty threader dangle Earrings




The delightful Earrings have a diamond and long shinning golden threads dangling to it. These earrings are an exclusive product, and it is rare to engender identical items. If you are looking for something a bit more stylish for your special dinner date then it is perfect! They are simple enough to be worn every day and delicate to keep them lightweight on the ears.

Heart signet ring





It all started with the ring and it will be a great choice to recreate that moment again. Yellow gold symbolize wealth and extravagance. When you give her gold jewelry, you express that she brings a wealth of love into your life. Minimalist ring which she can wear with her office outfit to glam it up. She will not be able to get over shimmering yellow and heart shape design ring which is a symbol of romance.

Infinity bracelet





If you are looking for a charming piece of jewellery to impress your wife, pamper her with a beautiful bracelet. The infinity bracelet is a charm jewellery for your infinite bond. This elegant gift is a romantic way to express your gratitude for all she has done throughout the year. Simple yet stylish, that goes perfectly with her minimalist style. 

Diamond floral stud earrings





A nice pair of diamond stud earrings are a classic staple in anyone’s jewellery collection. If your partner prefers simple style then this stud earrings can be worn for everyday or special occasions too.  A perfect symbol of your commitment to one another. Give her 18k white gold flowers which will stay with her forever!

Big stone mangalsutra bracelet



Your wedding knot will be represented perfectly with this mangalsutra bracelet. There are many traditional and modern gift ideas to choose from, but this piece of jewelry is popular amongst women. So just go for it! Symbol of purity, strength, and resilience, diamond mangalsutra bracelet is designed in traditional value and crafted in modern style is an ideal gift for a long-lasting relationship.

Twisted dome ring





Give a little twist to your surprise with this stylish twisted dome ring. Bold and glittering with gold, this ring will be style statement for your lovely wife. It is a beautiful worn alone for simple and feminine look. It fits perfectly to contemporary outfit. 

Royal Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra



Mangalsutra is the most precious ornament from your wedding day, it is a representation of your sacred bond. Mangalsutra is an ornament with a significance of culture, emotional aspect and holds a very special place for women.  She has to wear this everyday so why not give her something that suits her minimal office style! Royal Solitaire Diamond Mangalsutra is an elegant mangalsutra necklace with a lovely pendant. Spark of this diamond will sparkle your relationship forever. 

Now say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY with a sterling silver style!

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